Chris has been teaching privately for the past ten years and his philosophy on music and teaching is simple: music should be fun! He believes that music lessons should be enjoyable for everyone, and has a very laid back way of teaching while still getting the point across in a fun, energetic way.


He was fortunate to have great teachers growing up who helped push him in the right direction, and that is why he decided to start teaching. He wants to inspire his students as he was inspired by his teachers. 

Chris teaches all age levels and can teach beginning and advanced theory, as well as beginning and advanced lessons in virtually any genre of music.


He can also teach synthesizers, organ, and any type of keyboard instrument you want. Or if you'd like to learn some of those classic Billy Joel and Elton John songs you've listened to for years and just have fun, he can do that also!

Send him a message on the contact page for availability and rates!